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The Animal Welfare Consultancy (The AWC) offers expert independent welfare advice to improve the lives of animals and assist those who are responsible for them, whether on a temporary or permanent basis. Expert advice can save time and money and help avoid situations that have a negative impact on an animal's welfare.

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Animals in Entertainment & Advertising

If you are using live animals in your production we offer independent welfare advice. Working alongside the relevant people on your production we can guide your production in maintaining and improving good welfare standards for animals as well as helping ensure health & safety and bio-security measures are in place to protect you, your staff and any visitors to your production. We can assist with relevant paperwork and advise with regard to relevant animal welfare legislation and where required we can provide reports accepted by CLEARCAST.


Animals in Live Events & Exhibition

Using animals in front of a live audience and/or inviting members of the public to bring their animals to an event brings with it a number of challenges to animal welfare. We can offer bespoke packages that help reduce the impact on welfare and communicate with audiences and members of the public regarding improving welfare standards.


Investigations & Expert Reports

If your business is an activity involving animals we can assist you in preparing your premises and writing policies as required under the licensing legislation.

With many years experience investigating serious and organised animal cruelty offences including puppy farming, illegal dog importation, circuses, zoos, badger persecution, wildlife crime, dog fighting and cockfighting, we can assist you with your investigations or prepare an expert report for court.


Training & Public Speaking

We can create and deliver bespoke training workshops and seminars in a wide range of areas including performing animals and investigating serious and organised animal cruelty.


What we do


The AWC offers those responsible for animals advice to ensure they fulfil their legal obligations in relation to animal welfare. Our support offers an opportunity to improve animal welfare standards in the exhibition and entertainment industry and beyond. We work closely with colleagues from the RSPCA and other organisations to ensure our standards are high and in line with the latest welfare standards. The AWC also offers help and advice to organisations that require understanding and assistance in implementing, investigating and enforcing animal welfare legislation.


Since The AWC was founded in 2019 we have worked on a number of high profile productions including Animal Rescue LIVE, All Creatures Great and Small, Spring/Autumn at Jimmy’s Farm and Pooch Perfect UK. We have also worked with organisations that use animals as part of licensed activity to write policies and procedures in line with their license requirements.

Our Work

2020 Clarkson's Farm / Expectation & Amazon
2020 Pooch Perfect / SevenStudiosUK
2019/20 All Creature Great & Small / Playground Entertainment
2019/20 All Creature Great & Small / Playground Entertainment
2019 The Great Mountain Sheep Gather / Windfall Films


2021 The Pet Show / Lifted Entertainment & ITV - Magazine show showcasing the the UK's relationships with their pets (post production)

2021 A Gypsy Life for Me / Firecracker Films - Documentary about Travellers and Gypsies. (Aired C5 Apr 2021)

2021 All Creatures Great & Small (series2) / Playground Entertainment – Drama series about a vet set in 1930’s Yorkshire. (in post production)

2021 Britain's Puppy Boom (Counting the Cost) WT / Nine Lives Media - Documentary about Puppy trade and the associated issues (aired BBC3 May 2021)

2020 Autumn at Jimmy’s / RedSky Productions – Documentary about Farm/Zoo (Aired C4 Oct/Nov 2020)

2020 People’s Postcode Lottery / Arteus360  – 2020 Xmas advert

2020 Pooch Perfect / SevenStudiosUK  – Dog grooming talent show  (aired BBC1 Jan/Feb 2021)

2020 Spring at Jimmy’s / RedSky Production – Documentary about Farm/Zoo during lockdown (Aired C4 May/June 2020)

2020 Pawsonal Training with Chessy King / – Exercise promo with dogs fronted by Instagram influencer (Went live Feb 2020)

2019/20 Clarkson's Farm / ExpectationEntertainment & Amazon – Constructed reality with Jeremy Clarkson about running a farm (in post production)

2019/20 All Creature Great & Small / Playground Entertainment – Drama series about a vet set in 1930’s Yorkshire. (aired C5 Autumn 2020)

2019 Animal Rescue Live Supervet Special / Blast Productions – Live broadcast over 5 nights set around rehoming rescue animals at a shelter

2019 Animals of Manchester / Manchester International Festival 2019 – Live art exhibition exploring man’s relationship with animals. (July 2019)

2019 The Great Mountain Sheep Gather / Windfall Films – Birds eye view of the real life sheep gather off Scafell Pyke (aired BBC4 Dec 2019)

Other Work

Urban Mutt Hotel - Westfield - Policy writing and supporting documentation for license application

Independent Breeder - Independent Welfare Report – Dog Breeding establishment – license dispute

Selected Credits with RSPCA

London2012 - London Olympics Opening Ceremony

12Yard Production for ITV2 Top Dog Model

Cineplex Productions for CBBC Pet School

Yorkshire Television/ITV productions A Touch of Frost

Fresh One Productions for Channel 4 Can You Afford to Care

Fresh One Productions for Channel 4 Food Fight Club

ITV Studios for ITV You’ve Been Framed

Broken Scar Productions Damaged Goods

London O2 & ArtProducts Ben Hur

Fresh One Productions for Channel 4 Jamie Save’s Our Bacon

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